Our GDPR Compliance Service
Here is how we can get your business GDPR Compliant!

The GDPR compliance law has essentially four parts. With our GDPR Compliance service we address them all!

The four parts to our GDPR compliance service:

1. The Right Documentation. They are:
General Data Protection Statement
General Data Protection Policy
GDPR Compliant Information Security Policy
Data Breach Response Statement

Our Service: We prepare all these documents for you and ensure that they are sent to the relevant parties. Legally your are now covered!

2. Ongoing training of your staff in cyber security every week.
You need to regularly train your staff in cyber security.

Our Service: With our service we send, every week, to each member of your staff (by email) a 40 second cyber security training video. Each weekly video can be on a different cyber security subject. They can watch it in 40 seconds on their mobile device or at their work station. Your staff are now receiving ongoing cyber security training!

3. Keeping Your Data Secure.
You probably have already installed and paid for your firewall and anti virus software and will be sent their regular updates. Also Microsoft , Apple etc..... will regularly send you the latest security patches. You need to regularly update all of these. Also you need to stress test your Cyber security on a regular basis. Most data breaches occur because these crucial tasks are not performed!

Our Service: Our specialised software regularly reminds your nominated DPO (Data Protection Officer) when to perform these crucial tasks. We can also map your entire data system and find out where the holes are. Then we can “plug” them. This will protect your entire data system from any data breach. You are now protected against data breaches!

4. Keep an Accurate Record of all Your Data Security Activities.
That is a date stamped ongoing record of your cyber security activity, updating security software and patches, ongoing cyber security staff training, regular stress testing of your cyber security.

Our Service:
Our dedicated software can remind you of:
* When to update your security software.
* When to test your data security system.
* Record when those updates have taken place.
* Send to your staff cyber security training videos.
* When to update your security software.
* Record that your staff have watched the videos.
* Record every aspect of your data security activities.
and much, much, more!

We will make it easy for you to perform your security updates and will be your "insurance" that if a data breach does occur you can PROVE to the ICO and any of your clients that you have been actively protecting their data. It will mitigate any fines from the ICO and any litigation from your clients!

We do more: We can also perform security tests, map your entire data system and stress test your system to find the "holes" then plug them and much more! This can be performed remotely. All of this along with a dedicated GDPR helpline so you are not alone.

Our service does NOT involve costly IT experts or expensive consultants.

Our GDPR compliance service will save you time and money!
We have performed our GDPR compliance service for many companies and we can do the same for you.

We can take the mystery and confusion out of the GDPR compliance process and in a very cost effective way bring your company to GDPR compliance.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our GDPR Compliance service please contact us on: